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Podgorica is the nation's administrative center and its most populous urban area. The estimated population of Montenegro in 2021 is about 628,000. The settlement sits where the Ribnica and the Moraa rivers meet in central Montenegro.

Podgorica is situated in a hospitable and rich lowland region near the Adriatic Sea and the valley of Lake Skadar, at the confluence of numerous rivers (the Zeta, the Moraa, the Cijevna, the Ribnica, the Sitnica, and the Mareza).

In prehistoric times, humans established their first communities. The earliest artifacts date back to the late Stone Age. Following WWII, Podgorica replaced Cetinje as the Yugoslav capital of Montenegro. It has been dramatically improved and modernized since then.

Podgorica has developed into a flourishing metropolis with a rich cultural and economic heritage. Numerous educational and scientific institutes and popular tourist destinations can be found there.

The city has plenty to offer everyone, from its thriving nightlife to its deep historical roots. There are ski resorts north of it and famous vacation spots on the Adriatic coast.

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Podgorica: Kotor & Budva Old Towns Tour

The trip will kick off in Podgorica or another city as mutually agreed upon. You'll hop in the car and head straight towards Budva Old Town, a historic district that flourished under over 400 years of Venetian domination.

This village, protected by massive Venetian walls, is now the most popular along the Montenegrin coast for tourists. Budva's 35-kilometer coastline is lined with museums, galleries, boutiques, bars, and restaurants, making it a diverse and appealing destination for a summer getaway.

You'll stop over at a scenic overlook of one of Budva's well-known beaches on the way there for some snaps. As the most picturesque stretch of the Montenegrin coastline, the Budva Riviera is a major draw for visitors.

To reach Kotor, a medieval town, you will travel from Budva. Regarding cities in Montenegro, UNESCO only recognizes Kotor Old Town. Built in a maze style, the city's winding alleys and charming plazas will give you a memorable impression of the area.

Once you've seen everything, there is to see in Kotor. You can continue your journey to Njegusi Village. You'll eat at a local establishment serving smoked prosciutto and cheese, two of the area's most famous exports.

Montenegro takes great pride in its prosciutto. Njegusi Village is the perfect setting for your first experience. The route to Njegusi Village was constructed during the turn of the last century.

One of the most spectacular sights in Montenegro can be seen from this route, which features 25 hairpin turns.

Montenegro: Nature, Locals & Wine Tour

Come along on this trip to meet a local winemaker who is sure to make an impression. The highlight of this trip will be the chance to chat with real Montenegrins.

Beginning with a scenic drive through rural areas, visitors will eventually reach the almost forgotten city of Rijeka Crnojevica. From the city, you can take a rented boat up the Crnojevica River to Skadar Lake in Skadar National Park for an hour.

After learning about the country's background in one of the little historic towns, continue to a nearby village. All the towns by the lake have a rich history in the winemaking industry.

Go to the home of a wine connoisseur to sample some of the region's finest vintages. Spend some time sampling libations while munching on homemade treats.

Take pictures of the river Crnojevica and the Skadar lake as you make your way down Pavlova Strana.

Podgorica: Ostrog Monastery and Niagara Waterfall Tour

The first stop on your journey will be at Niagara Falls, the most well-known waterfalls in the capital area. The Cijevna River Canyon, which separated Montenegro and the Ottoman Empire before 1912, is on the way to the falls.

The Canadian Niagara Falls was an inspiration. The far more manageable size of the waterfall makes it a fantastic tourist destination for "Podgorica" and a welcome relief from the heat of summer.

During the summer, the waterfalls are dry, allowing visitors to Skadar Lake National Park to explore Virpazar and the vantage points above the river Crnojevi.

We can provide these alternatives at any time the customer would like. For an additional cost, kayaking trips can be arranged in Virpazar.

After the waterfalls, you will go to the Ostrog Monastery, which may be reached by following the road.

Napoleon's colonel and French commander Viala de Somier visited the monastery St.Vasilije built in 1810 and wrote about its splendor.

He spent a year researching Montenegro and then writing and publishing a book about the country the next decade. Relics of a little boy named Stanko from the nearby village of Podvraca who was murdered by the Turks in 1714 can be found at the Ostrog Monastery.

The Bjelopavlic plain and the Zeta River are stunning from the terraces of this monastery. Everyone who visits the Upper Monastery receives a bottle of holy water and oil.

The monastery grounds feature a church, a massive conch, and a cluster of low-rise structures previously used as schools. A tall stone wall protects the entire site. You'll be taken back to your starting place after the tour is over.

From Podgorica Airport: Private Transfer to Kotor Old Town

Podgorica airport/city transfers to Kotor antiquing on a daily base. It's an easy ride from the airport or downtown to the historic district of Kotor.

The first five kilometers away from the historic core are always free.

The chauffeur will be waiting at the airport's baggage claim area with your name placard. There is only one arrival area, so you and your driver won't have any trouble locating each other. Welcome.

They can arrange to meet you at the airport at your chosen time and provide a secure and pleasant taxi transfer with a certified driver who can give you some local tips on the way. On your way to the destination, they will gladly provide you with one photo op.

A limit of one checked bag and one carry-on bag per passenger is permitted. There can be limits on carrying items like surfboards, golf equipment, or bicycles that are too large or heavy. To find out if your extra baggage will be allowed, you should contact the operator ahead of time.

Podgorica: Scenic Panoramic Flight

Flying over Skadar Lake National Park, traditional villages, and some of Montenegro's most stunning vineyards, this light aircraft trip showcases the spectacular environment that the country is known for.

You'll have a chance to try out some solo flying during the flight, all under the watchful eye of your instructor.

You'll get a glimpse of Podgorica and its environs, the town of Virpazar, and the village of Vranjina with its magnificent vineyards. You'll have a great time up in the air.

Private Transfer from Dubrovnik to Podgorica

Make use of the easy, private transfers offered between Dubrovnik and Podgorica. Enjoy the comfort of the air-conditioned car as you take in the breathtaking views of the Adriatic coastline and the islands that dot the landscape.

All drivers permitted to transport tourists are thoroughly vetted to ensure their safety and dependability.

Your professional English-speaking driver will wait for you in front of your hotel or private housing in Dubrovnik at the time and date previously set for the pick-up, holding a sign with your name.

You will be driven to Podgorica in a luxurious automobile with air conditioning, so you can kick back and enjoy the ride.

Podgorica: 2-Hour Christmas Guided Walking Tour

During this guided stroll with a local Christmas expert, you will have the opportunity to get into the holiday spirit. Attend the Christmas market to witness the most enchanted decorations and exhibits that the city has to offer.

In addition to being a historically significant and picturesque city, Christmastime in Podgorica is positively magical. Embark on a joyous and uplifting journey through the city with a knowledgeable local guide as you view the most stunning displays it has to offer.

See the fantastic light shows at the King Nikolas palace, the Center for Contemporary Art, the Podgorica Museum, and the Ribnica Bridge. Take a stroll around Stara Varos and allow the joyous atmosphere to fill your spirit.

Discover the history of the Christmas tree and get lost in the enchantment of the city of Podgorica's Christmas tales and legends. Pay a visit to the traditional Christmas market, and indulge in delicious holiday fare.

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